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The Cracked Bean Co. was born in 2017, from a passion for great tasting, fresh coffee, but in an era where coffee has been degenerating into nothing but a brown liquid that’s comprised of stale, mediocre to bad tasting coffee grounds and water. Not Cracked Bean’s coffee! We have been roasting coffee since early 2016. Our beans are high quality, ethically grown by small farmers usually in higher altitudes (for best flavor) typically not on huge plantations that used to be rain forest. Canadians love their coffee - we know that. So we roast these incredible beans to perfection in small batches so they won't sit around and get stale. Your mornings can be filled with the amazing aroma, taste, energy and health benefits of The Cracked Bean’s fresh coffee! Side effects: Elevated state of energy and wakefulness, procrastination diminishes rapidly, 8-10 hours of work turns to 4 hours, highly addictive.

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